Gnome Themed Keepsake Book/Journal


A special keepsake book for all gnome lovers. The book cover and pages are made from heavy weight kraft cardstock so the book is very sturdy. Each painting is watercolored by hand using Art Impressions stamps and watercolor markers. More color is added to each project using the watercolor markers from a palette. There are lots of pockets and spaces where extra notes or giftcards can be placed. The gnome card in the pocket of the first page opens up so a note can be written. The pocket on the left side of the center spread has a hanging tag that says "Thinking of you." The pocket would also fit a giftcard. The pocket with the mushroom border has a bookmark tucked into it. The pages with the pitcher house and strawberry have side pockets with tabs inserted that say "be kind" and 'live simply". A paperclip is inserted into the strawberry envelope. The page with the mushroom painting that reads "Just a little note" is actually a little notepad. There are 6 pcs of paper attached to the cover. The book measures 4.5" x 3.5" x 1". It comes in a plastic box to keep it safe. Shipping is included in the price.

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